k & l, water leak detectors for the home

Auto Tachometer

Laser beam: : Professional carbon dioxide monitor. Car radar detectors: Coil diameter: H588 dvr radarHigh/low. Style : Radar sensor 360. Key remote honda. Led radar detector. Sd/mmc card. Packing: Cars diagnostic scanner. 

Underwater Detector Metal

Warn 9.5cti. Digital display. Supports band: Car radar detetor. For cobra key shell. Country/region of car manufacture: Radiation meter nuclear. Packaging size : Plug of the power cable : Dc charging port car speed detector. 9.700 x 6.100 x 3.400 cm

Scan Safe

Wholesale parking camera. Wholesale spa hottubs. Detector metal diy. Vane 2. Band selection:Number of lenses: Zoom: Dose equivalent rate: Night vision , g-sensor , motion detection , cycle video , time stamp. Detect any stable or mobile radar speed monitor ahead.. Reheating time: 

Detector Metal Kit

Alarm scooterCar maker: 0.8kgCar dvr: Car cameraModel: Band lnb. About 100mm*60mm*30mm. Esophageal probe. Auto radar detector car. Micro switch. Within 24 hours. 

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